How to buy property in Georgia

How to buy property in Georgia

Georgia is a place where its own culture merges with the people from around the world. The understanding of society and the environment around them is truly different creating the perfect ground to start thinking about growth in personal and in business life as well.

Buying property: Procedures and Restrictions

In Georgia, it is easy to buy property. Foreigners and locals have the same rights. However, there is one exception: foreigners are not allowed to buy agricultural land. This is an issue in almost every country. Georgia’s lands are especially rich, so resources can’t belong to foreigners, they belong to the country itself. The situation in Georgia and its history lets the law gain the importance and the need to exist. But fortunately for people from abroad, all real estate sales in Georgia are made on a Freehold basis and you can buy in your own name.  There’s no need to set up a Georgian company or some other complicated method of owning property in the country.

Guide: Steps to buy a property in Georgia

Public Service Hall provides information about the few procedures every foreign investor should go through to purchase an apartment in Georgia. First of all, everyone must take registration in the Public Registry. For property registration, the person needs:

  • Application, filled by the operator (the addressee of the documents);
  • ID;
  • Attested Purchase Contract;
  • Service fee paid at the Public Service Hall.

Payment: How to pay

The payment can be made either by cash or card/bank transfer. Georgia doesn’t create unnecessary barriers for foreigners to complicate their lives, so if a person from abroad wants to make a bank payment, they can easily open an account in any bank and transfer money to buy an apartment. The only necessity is a passport and money of course.

Noteworthy information: where to buy

Every entrepreneur and businessman/woman knows that money and the ability to buy are not enough to achieve success. After understanding the basis of documents and payment methods (in one word, necessary information), the only question is: Where and Why!

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Georgia repletes of the places which are shocking for tourists and even locals. These places are perfect to build resorts and aim at people who want to rest on holidays. There are countless places (f.e.: Ureki, Bakuriani, Borjomi, Mestia, etc) where people go just to look at the landscape and bliss with the view.

In case, you like city life, this is a place to look at. Batumi, Mtskheta, Kutaisi, and of course Tbilisi. All cities above are more than just places to purchase a property. Batumi is a seafront city. This is a place where all the beauty outbreaks in summer. Mtskheta is a city that abounds with historic buildings and is one of the most beautiful places in the world. UNESCO protects its landmarks. This fact proves how unique and rich is this city. Tbilisi is the capital of Georgia and the heart of this country. Here you can see the combination of various people.


Georgia is rich in resources, land, and culture. Its diversity is the main reason why Georgia is the most suitable place to purchase a property. Not because of the country itself and its beauty. No of course! There is no place in this country that won’t be able to satisfy the need of people who have different views.

So, if you think about your future, planning to enjoy the place where you purchase the property, and considering Georgia, you are already on the right path. The only thing you need to clear is what kind of human you are and find the perfect place. After this step, the opportunity is great and very easy to purchase a property. Believe me, you will always find the comfort you need in Georgia.

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