Vake or Saburtalo? Question is here!

Vake or Saburtalo?

Living in Georgia is a privilege because of its culture, history, and natural resources. To compound everything above, Georgia owns tangible and abstract
wealth, which is even unimaginable for many countries. Tbilisi is the capital city of Georgia and has a lifestyle of its own.

Tbilisi is a very beautiful city. It repletes of various cultures and is a combination of people from around the globe. But one thing is clear, life is truly different because of society and the environment. Mentioning the environment means to underline the huge possibility for investors to own real estate in the majestic city. Its ability to receive and adapt to different architectural designs is unremarkable.


Tbilisi is the capital city of the country which is located at the crossroads of Europe and Asia. So only this reason may attract people all around the world. But location and the inner wealth of the country create a combination of one of the most interesting and also mysterious places on Earth. So, deciding to start a business on land that attracts people from around the globe is not an advantage, it is a primary goal for entrepreneurs. The pandemic resulted in an economic crisis and suspension of the constructions. Ordinary people only see tragedy, but businessmen see opportunity. Originally, entrepreneurs use time of crisis to increase and grow their businesses and companies. Tbilisi is such an example of that. If you take a look specific area are the objects of interest. Vake and Saburtalo and one of the main districts in the city. Vake is known as a glamorous area. This explains why apartments and generally living in Vake are expensive. Saburtalo doesn’t count as a glamorous place to live so life is a little bit cheaper. However, recent years were examples of changing tendencies. Vake is losing its glamour within some people but generally, it remains on the top. But to consider business and real estate, Saburtalo is the best fit for entrepreneurs. New companies are building new buildings (F.e.: Tbilisi Gardens) and results in an enriching environment with different styles and a touch of a modern hand.

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Georgia is full of opportunities in real estate for foreign investors. Some countries make it difficult for foreigners to buy a property. But not Georgia. Buyers are able to buy property here on a full freehold basis under exactly the same terms as domestic Georgian buyers. The property registration system is incredibly quick and straight-forwarded. A property can be registered in your name in a matter of a couple of hours.


Vake and Saburtalo are two different districts that attract different types of people. Both are different destinations for different categories of people. However, every entrepreneur should focus specifically on their own interest and decide what type of people they would like to deal with. This city gives a choice to buyers and investors to choose and decide according to their needs.

So, to conclude Vake and Saburtalo are both equally worthy of attraction of buyers and investors. They both have different cultures and are habitats for specific categories of people.

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