Where to invest in Georgia

Where to invest in Georgia 2021 guideline

Georgia is a great country with even greater culture. However, it is not popular and famous among the people around the world. Georgia is located at the intersection of eastern Europe and western Asia. From the west it is abounded by the Black Sea and its nature abounds with minerals and resources. The location and nature gives country a opportunity to become successful. Opportunities to invest in...

How to buy property in Georgia

How to buy property in Georgia

Georgia is a place where its own culture merges with the people from around the world. The understanding of society and the environment around them is truly different creating the perfect ground to start thinking about growth in personal and in business life as well. Buying property: Procedures and Restrictions In Georgia, it is easy to buy property. Foreigners and locals have the same rights. However,...

Vake or Saburtalo? Question is here!

Vake or Saburtalo? Living in Georgia is a privilege because of its culture, history, and natural resources. To compound everything above, Georgia owns tangible and abstract wealth, which is even unimaginable for many countries. Tbilisi is the capital city of Georgia and has a lifestyle of its own. Tbilisi is a very beautiful city. It repletes of various cultures and is a combination of people from...

Invest in Georgia

Top Reasons to Investing in Georgia Real Estates

Top Reasons to Investing in Georgia Real Estates We truly believes investing in Georgia real estate is the best way to earn a passive income. In our experience, real estate investing is the best form of investment because you get to use other people’s money (a renter or tenant) to pay off your initial investment, while concurrent increasing your monthly cash flow. we’ve compiled the top 10reasons to...

Why invest in Georgia? – 4 main reasons

Why invest in Georgia? – 4 main reasons

Georgia is the country of new opportunities - This came to my mind when some of my foreign friends came after with the idea to do something in Georgia, for example, to buy the property and to make a guest house or to make a company, which would offer a different kind of services for people. Do you wonder what was my first reaction after their suggestion? I was like “what?”- to invest money in...

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